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Amelia Mills

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2 Manor Farm Cottage, Coast Road, Walcott, NR12 0NG

Amelia is primarily known for creating vibrant and dynamic paintings by pouring and manipulating art resin mixed with acrylics and ink onto handmade panels. Inspired by aerial landscapes and largely self-taught, she has spent many years developing and experimenting with her unique style, which is gaining interest from collectors and art lovers around the world.

“Behind each painting is a detailed thought process, however I try not to impose limitations, allowing spontaneity and creativity to flourish. I enjoy having an element of chance when I’m working; it allows a painting to evolve organically. For me, painting is a form of meditation, with each piece of art encapsulating the energy and feeling that I experience during the process. As such, each painting is truly unique and cannot be replicated. Alongside working with resin, I also enjoy creating wildlife illustrations using watercolour and gouache. I’m also exploring a bit of printmaking too – well at least trying to squeeze it all in alongside Motherhood!

Ultimately, no matter the medium, my art will always be my personal interpretation of the astonishingly beautiful planet that we inhabit, and my hope is that it can encourage others' appreciation and love of the natural world.”

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