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Mark Barnard

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Mark Barnard sadly died from cancer in 2021. He had been a practising artist since the early 1970s. He taught art & design and developed his own practice in a Finsbury Park studio. He moved from Hackney, London to Bacton in 2018. His new studio was in his back garden, allowing him to drop in and out of it as he liked.

He saw his work a bit like a diary recording things that he saw and felt. Observational studies of landscape/seascape were more often the starting point for a series of works. Colour and texture were the fundamental elements of his work. He always worked on several pieces at the same time, so that the creative process is shared across the work. The work developed over a period of time. The surface  composition built up in layers of material. 

The range of materials he used was quite extensive: acrylic paint, PVA, copolymer emulsion, marble powder, sand, sawdust, beads and found materials.

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